This section provides examples of publications that report glycomics data in compliance with the MIRAGE Guidelines. In addition, we also plan to make completed tables available which represent the guideline specific parameters along with the metadata (data describing data) on the materials and methods as well as experimental results.

Publications in compliance with the MIRAGE MS guidelines


R. Raghunathan, N.K. Polinski, J.A. Klein, J.D. Hogan, C. Shao, K. Khatri, D.R. Leon, M.E. McComb, F.P. Manfredsson, C.E. Sortwell, and J. Zaia, Glycomic and Proteomic changes in aging brain nigrostriatal pathway; Mol Cell Proteomics; doi: 10.1074/mcp.RA118.000680. [Epub ahead of print]; (2018).

J.D. Hogan, J.A. Klein, J. Wu, P. Chopra, G.J. Boons, L. Carvalho, C. Lin, and J. Zaia, Software for peak finding and elemental composition assignment for glycosaminoglycan tandem mass spectra; Mol Cell Proteomics; 17; (2018) 1448-1456.

J. Wu, J. Wei, J.D. Hogan, P. Chopra, A. Joshi, W. Lu, J. Klein, G.J. Boons, C. Lin, and J. Zaia, Negative Electron Transfer Dissociation Sequencing of 3-O-Sulfation-Containing Heparan Sulfate Oligosaccharides; J Am Soc Mass Spectrom; 29; (2018) 1262-1272.

J. Zaia, K. Khatri, J.A. Klein, C. Shao, Y. Sheng, and R. Viner, Complete Molecular Weight Profiling of Low Molecular Weight Heparins Using Size Exclusion Chromatography-Ion Suppressor-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry; Anal Chem; 88; (2016) 10654-10660.

Y. Huang, X. Yu, Y. Mao, C.E. Costello, J. Zaia, and C. Lin, De Novo Sequencing of Heparan Sulfate Oligosaccharides by Electron-Activated Dissociation; Anal Chem; 85; (2013) 11979-11986.

Publications in compliance with the MIRAGE Glycan Microarray Guidelines


A. Lenmana, A.M. Liacib, Y. Liu, L. Frängsmyra, M. Frank, B.S. Blaumb, W. Chaic,
I.I. Podgorskie, B. Harrache, M.Benk, T. Feizi, T. Stehle, and N. Arnberga (2018) Polysialic acid is a cellular receptor for human adenovirus 52. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 115(18):4264-4273.
Suppl. Information: doi:10.1073/pnas.1716900115

Z. Li, C. Gao, Y. Zhang, A.S. Palma, R.A. Childs, L.M. Silva, Y. Liu, X. Jiang, Y. Liu, W. Chai and T. Feizi (2018) O-Glycome beam search arrays for carbohydrate ligand discovery. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 17:121-133