Beilstein Archives

The Beilstein Archives provide authors submitting to the Beilstein Journals the opportunity to publish preprints and related supporting information for rapid dissemination of research results.


The Beilstein Archives is part of the non-profit Beilstein-Institut's ongoing commitment to open science and transparent communication in the chemical sciences and related disciplines and provides scholars with a non-commercial platform, managed by a long-standing, reputable non-profit institute. As with all projects supported by the Beilstein-Institut, publications in the Beilstein Archives are open access and are always available to read, download, and share – no subscription needed.


Why publish or read preprints in the Beilstein Archives?


  • rapid dissemination of your early research results
  • establish priority for your ideas and findings with a DOI within days
  • identify trends and read the most recent results in your field
  • retain copyright to your work with a CC-BY license
  • open access – meets requirements of many funders
  • long-term archiving in Portico

Beilstein Archives Subject Areas

The Beilstein Archives focus on publishing preprints of unpublished research results in the following fields of organic chemistry and nanotechnology:



Organic Chemistry


Bioorganic chemistry / chemical biology


Chemical methods and reactions

Flow and process chemistry

Green and sustainable chemistry

Materials chemistry

Medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry

Natural products chemistry

Organo main group chemistry

Photochemistry and photovoltaics

Physical organic chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry

Other organic chemistry (unclassified)



Nano- and molecular-scale electronics

Nano-biomaterials and bioscience


Nanomaterials, thin films and nanointerfaces

Nanometrology and nanomechanics


Nanopatterning, self-assembly and nanofabrication

Nanostructures for energy and sensing applications


Other nanotechnology (unclassified)

Advisory Board

The Beilstein Archives is managed by the Beilstein-Institut (Managing Editor, Dr. Wendy Patterson) and is advised by members of the scientific community who provide feedback on the service and act as advocates. Please have a look at the list of board members and contact us if you are interested in being involved.

Archiving and Indexing

All published preprints are archived in Portico, one of the largest community-supported digital archives in the world, to ensure long-term access. The Beilstein Archives preprints are regularly indexed by Google, Google Scholar, CrossRef, Meta and other commonly used search tools and databases.