Previous Talks

Brain glycoprotein glycosylation in health and disease

Richard D. Cummings / May 12, 2022


Cascading biocatalysis

Sabine Flitsch / April 14, 2022


Beyond the Active Site: Structure-guided insights into substrate specificity and mechanism in bacterial glycoconjugate biosynthesis

Karen N. Allen / March 24, 2022


Activation of C–H bonds by mechanochemistry

José G. Hernández / February 23, 2022


Overcoming the COF trilemma: Porous frameworks for solar energy conversion

Bettina V. Lotsch / January 26, 2022


Intensification and electrification of flow chemistry

Thomas Wirth / December 9, 2021


Carbon nanotubes or graphene? A study of functional composites

Silvia Marchesan / November 4, 2021


The helium ion microscope as a tool for imaging and modification of nanostructures, 2D materials, and SARS-CoV-2 infected cells

Armin Gölzhäuser / October 7, 2021


Synthetic glycopeptide precision tools to reduce the complexity of protein glycosylation

Ulrika Westerlind / September 22, 2021


Nanocapsules for targeting immune cells

Katharina Landfester / September 9, 2021


Metallaelectro-catalyzed bond activations

Lutz Ackermann / July 7, 2021


Kelvin probe force microscopy and spectroscopy

Thilo Glatzel / June 23, 2021


Functional role of the glycan shield in the activation of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein

Elisa Fadda / June 10, 2021


The glycosaminoglycan interactome: from interactions to functions

Sylvie Ricard-Blum / May 27, 2021


Cryo-EM in Enzymology II:
Structural factors governing the fidelity of DNA recombinases RAD51 and DMC1

Ming-Daw Tsai / May 5, 2021


Patterning interfaces near the atomic limit: lessons from the cell membrane

Shelley A. Claridge / April 28, 2021


Cryo-EM in Enzymology I:
Structural basis of pH dependence, ligand specificity, and temperature effect

Ming-Daw Tsai / April 14, 2021


Polymers in aqueous environment: multi-phase systems and hydrogels

Bernhard V. K. J. Schmidt / March 24, 2021


Green asymmetric organocatalysis

Radovan Šebesta / March 11, 2021


Integration of thermodynamic data into the metabolic pathways represented by the Boehringer wall chart

Robert Giessmann / March 4, 2021


The key role of stick-slip in friction and wear processes on the nanoscale

Enrico Gnecco / February 24, 2021


Thermodynamic studies of enzyme-catalzyed reactions

Robert N. Goldberg / February 17, 2021


Preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredients by mechanochemistry

Evelina Colacino / January 20, 2021


Accelerating photocatalysis in continuous-flow reactors

Timothy Noël / December 17, 2020


Nanomedicine at the crossroads – Why good chemistry is not enough

Matthias G. Wacker / November 18, 2020