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Open access and open minded – the Beilstein Magazine offers a platform for essays and interviews with interdisciplinary content, stimulating ideas and fruitful discussions. It is designed for open-minded scientists – from natural sciences and humanities – who are interested in crossing traditional subject boundaries.

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About the Beilstein Magazine

In contrast to the peer-reviewed online journals Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry and Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, the Beilstein Magazine offers authors the chance to present ideas that go beyond their everyday research activities. It is an invitation to give new perspectives and thought-provoking views on science which stimulate readers to look beyond the horizon.

When submitting an essay to the Beilstein Magazine, authors are not charged any publication fee. All publication costs for the magazine are covered completely by the Beilstein-Institut. About one to two times a year, selected articles of the magazine are published in print and distributed together with printed volumes of the Beilstein journals.


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