The minutes of previous meeting are available in PDF format.

11th Meeting (online)

25 and 26 August, 2020

The 11th meeting of the MIRAGE Commission will be hosted as an online meeting using video and discussion platforms. The meeting will take place on two days with 3 to 4 hours program each.

Preliminary Program

Overview presentations

  • MIRAGE project overview
  • GlyGen
  • GlyCosmos
  • Glycan Array Database
  • Data exchange format: extension of mzIdentML

Topics for the agenda


  • NMR Guidelines – finalization/approval
  • Glycopeptide Analysis Guidelines – first draft
  • MIRAGE Glyan Array Guidelines – update
  • CE Guidelines
  • Glycan Binding Protein Specificity Guidelines
  • Carbohydrate-Binding Protein Array Guidelines
  • INTACT Glycoproteins Guidelines


Data exchange format, ontologies and medata

  • mzIdentML
  • ontologies and metadata (maybe we need an overall plan or structure in order to negotiate which goals this subproject is defined to have).



  • stocktake of where the guidelines are currently used; how to increase the adoption?
  • progress with journals?
  • Essential in Glycobiology – paragraph on MIRAGE in appropriate chapter?
  • glycomics landscape (see Minutes of the 10th Meeting, 2019 in Limburg) – any projects to add?
The MIRAGE Commission in Limburg, 2019.

10th Meeting

24 June 2019, Limburg, Germany

The 10th meeting of the MIRAGE Commission took place in Limburg, Germany adjunct to the Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium.

The minutes of this meeting are now available (see below)

Minutes of previous meetings

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    Minutes of the 10th MIRAGE meeting, Limburg, June 2019

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    Minutes of the 9th MIRAGE meeting, Boston, August 2018

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    Minutes of the 8th MIRAGE meeting, Berlin, June 2017

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    Minutes of the 7th MIRAGE meeting, Sapporo, August 2016

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    Minutes of the 6th MIRAGE meeting, Potsdam, June 2015

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    Minutes of the 5th MIRAGE meeting, Galway, August 2014

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    Minutes of the 4th MIRAGE meeting, Potsdam, June 2013

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    Minutes of the 3rd MIRAGE meeting, Dublin, April 2013

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    Minutes of the 2nd MIRAGE meeting, Athens, GA, August 2012

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    Minutes of the 1st MIRAGE meeting, Seattle, WA, November 2011

Promotional Material

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