This page provides information about the current and planned meetings of the STRENDA Commission as well as the minutes of previous meetings and additional materials that can be used by the members of the Commission for promotion the project on conferences.


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17th STRENDA Meeting

September 22 and November 9, 2021
2 - 5 pm (CEST)

The 17th meeting of the STRENDA Commission will take place as an online event in September 2021 in connection with the Beilstein Enzymology Symposium.




General Information


Meeting time

The meeting will start at (from west to east):

San Antonio, College Station, TX

7:00 AM (CDT)

South Bend, IN

8:00 AM (EDT)

New York, NY

8:00 AM (EDT)

Liverpool, Edinburgh, UK

1:00 PM (BST)

Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Lodz, Stuttgart

2:00 PM (CEST)

Kapstadt, SA

2:00 PM (SAST)

Taipeh, TW

8:00 PM (CST)







The duration of the meeting is estimated to be 3 hrs. each day with the option for an additional hour if necessary and agreed by the participants.


Infrastructure used in this meeting

We will use the following service providers for the video conference on the one hand and chats and provision of meeting materials on the other hand:

  • LogMeIn – GoToMeeting: LogIn data will be sent out in time by personal mail.
  • Stackfield: the selected place for chats during and after the STRENDA meeting, the depositon of all documents used in our meeting and for additional information.

Further information on the log-in procedures will be sent out in time.


Preliminary topics for the agenda

  • Overview of recent STRENDA activities – CK
  • Progress with STRENDA DB – Andrew MacDonald
  • EnzymeML - status, progress and perspectives - Juergen Pleiss
  • Thermodynamic Data - reporting equilibrium constants – Peter Halling et al.
  • Description of measuring kinetic parameters and models – Santiago Schnell
  • STRENDA Guidelines – further extensions, encouragement to deposit raw data in repositories available
  • stocktaking: promotion, data rate, commkunity work
STRENDA Meeting photo
Online meeting of the STRENDA Commission

16th STRENDA Meeting (online)

20 & 21 October, 2020
2.00 - 5.00 PM (CEST)

The 16th meeting of the STRENDA Commission took place as an online meeting on two days with 3 to 4 hours program each using video and discussion platforms.

The minutes of this meeting are available in the downloads section.

Minutes of previous meetings

  • DownloadDownload

    16th STRENDA Meeting, October 2020

  • DownloadDownload

    15h STRENDA Meeting, September 2019

  • DownloadDownload

    14th STRENDA Meeting, September 2018

  • DownloadDownload

    13th STRENDA Meeting, September 2017

  • DownloadDownload

    12th STRENDA meeting, September 2016

  • DownloadDownload

    11th STRENDA meeting, September 2015

  • DownloadDownload

    9th STRENDA meeting, September 2013

  • DownloadDownload

    8th STRENDA meeting, September 2012

  • DownloadDownload

    STRENDA Workshop at the FEBS Conference in Sevilla, 2012

  • DownloadDownload

    7th STRENDA meeting, September 2011

  • DownloadDownload

    6th STRENDA meeting, August 2010

  • DownloadDownload

    5th STRENDA meeting, September 2009

  • DownloadDownload

    4th STRENDA meeting, September 2008

  • DownloadDownload

    3rd STRENDA meeting, March 2006

  • DownloadDownload

    2nd STRENDA meeting, April 2005

Materials to be used by the STRENDA Commission

  • DownloadDownload

    STRENDA pptx slide

  • DownloadDownload

    STRENDA Conference Poster