The key role of stick-slip in friction and wear processes on the nanoscale

Enrico Gnecco / Friedrich Schiller University Jena

February 24, 2021, 2 - 3 pm CET

Online live talk

Enrico Gnecco

Enrico Gnecco is Professor of Mechanics of Functional Materials at Friedrich Schiller University Jena since 2015. His current research activity focuses on sliding friction in different environmental conditions, scanning probe microscopy-based manipulation, contact mechanics and abrasive wear processes on the nanoscale. Prof. Gnecco authored several articles on nanotribology in major journals including Science, Nature Materials, PNAS and Nano Letters and two books. In his spare time he used to play the piano and write short pieces of music.

Enrico Gnecco edited the thematic issue "Nanotribology" together with Susan Perkin, Andrea Vanossi and Ernst Meyer in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.

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