Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data

STRENDA stands for “Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data”. The aim of the STRENDA project is to establish standard forms of data presentations for enzyme research and thereby to improve the quality of data reporting in the scientific literature. It is essential for scientists to be able to compare and reproduce research results; to make this possible it is necessary to develop and implement standards for the publication of experimental enzyme data and for the description of the assay conditions.

Guidelines and database

Since 2004, the STRENDA Commission has been developing guidelines for authors, which have been already adopted by more than 30 international biochemistry journals. A further project is the implementation of the web-based enzyme database STRENDA DB that checks the data on input for conformity to the guidelines.

The STRENDA Commission reports the progress of its work regularly at the Beilstein Enzymology Symposia and in scientific journals.