General Information


The symposium will take place in the Dom Hotel Limburg, Germany.

The meeting will be held
from 25 to 27 June, 2019
with the 24th and the 28th for traveling.

In the evening of the 24th there will be a welcome reception followed by dinner.

The scientific program will take place over three days and will
start at 9.00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 25th, and
end in the late afternoon on Thursday, the 27th.

The setting and the limited number of participants (max. 50 persons) provide a very convivial atmosphere for the ready exchange of thoughts and ideas.

If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the hotel directly.

The language of the symposium is English.

The dress of the meeting is casual/informal.


Names, institution addresses and email addresses of participants will be published in the abstracts book that is handed out to all participants at the symposium.

Photographs may be taken during the symposium which subsequently may be published on the Beilstein-Institut website and in our social media channels.


Information for participants who are not giving a talk or presenting a poster or a piece of software:

Please note that there is a conference registration fee, i.e. EUR 275 to be paid to the Beilstein-Institut.

The conference hotel charges any participant with EUR 309 (conference package fee) which covers the costs for meals, coffee breaks, beverages during the meeting etc. whether you are staying overnight at the conference hotel or at alternative accommodations.

For further information, please refer to Accommodation.

Key Dates


For Speakers

29 March (latest):

Application for travel expenses

12 April:

Title of the talk and first version of the abstract

3 June:

Final version of the abstract and biographies

24 June:

Arrival at the conference venue

25 - 27 June:

Scientific program

28 June:


30 Sept. (latest):

Application of travel expenses reimbursement










For Participants

27 May:

Deadline room reservation at conference hotel

7 June:

Deadline for poster and/or software demo application

14 June:

Information about poster acceptance

21 June:

Deadline for registration and payment of conference registration fee

24 June:

Arrival at conference venue; posters  may be mounted from 4 pm

25 - 27 June:

Scientific program

28 June:


Liability and Insurance

The Beilstein-Institut will not be liable for any accident, theft or damage to property, nor for any delays or modification in the program due to unforeseen circumstances.

Participants and accompanying persons are advised to arrange for their personal travel and health insurance.