Electrifying Organic Synthesis

Beilstein Organic Chemistry Symposium 2019

April 9–11, 2019
Favorite Parkhotel, Mainz, Germany


Scientific Program:

Phil S. Baran / Scripps Research, USA

Siegfried R. Waldvogel / Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany


Aspects covered by this conference

  • Electrochemical transformations
  • Electrified synthesis
  • Novel reactions for medicinal chemistry
  • Metal-free and reagent-free conversions
  • Electro-regeneration of the chemical reagents
  • Process development
  • Electroenzymatic reactions and bioelectrolysis
  • Modern electrochemical concepts
  • Cation pool method
  • Electrolyte control in electrosynthesis 

Confirmed Speakers


Lutz Ackermann / University of Göttingen, Germany

Phil S. Baran / Scripps Research, USA

Roel J. M. Bisselink / Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands

Peter Broekmann / University of Bern, Switzerland

Richard C. D. Brown / University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Yasuaki Einaga / Keio University, Japan

Marta Feroci / Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


Robert Francke / University of Rostock, Germany

Corinne Gosmini / École Polytechnique, France

Falk Harnisch / Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany

Aiwen Lei / Wuhan University, China

Song Lin / Cornell University, USA

Frank Marken / University of Bath, United Kingdom

Shelley D. Minteer / University of Utah, USA


Kevin D. Moeller / Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Timothy Noël / Eindhoven University of Technology, The Nethelands

Siegfried R. Waldvogel / Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

Thomas Wirth / Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Hai-Chao Xu / Xiamen University, China

Jun-ichi Yoshida / Suzuka College, Japan