New Directions for Nanoporous Materials

Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium 2019

November 12–14, 2019

Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald, Rüdesheim, Germany



Scientific organizers:


Sir Fraser Stoddart

Northwestern University, USA


Cafer T. Yavuz

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea

Nanoporous materials are all around us; in water filters, car exhausts, medical implants, food packaging, and have many applications in chemical industry. Capturing greenhouse gases and the development of materials like Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) reignited research in nanoporous materials, leading to the question of where will the field head for next? Come join us to hear cutting-edge research, thought-provoking predictions and stimulating discussions on nanoporous materials, facilitated by 21 invited speakers covering the whole spectrum of the nanoporous materials family.


The symposium will take place in the Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald, a hunting lodge which was built in 1764, on top of the Rheingau heights of Rüdesheim near Frankfurt, Germany. The number of participants is limited and the program is designed specifically to allow sufficient time for discussions and a stimulating exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Aspects covered by this conference


/ MATERIALS: MOFs, COFs, Porous Polymers, Mesoporous (Inorganics), Zeolites, Carbons


/ APPLICATIONS: Gas capture, catalysis, electrochemistry, water treatment


/ METHODS: Theory, Scale up, Mechanochemistry, 3D printing and mechanics


/ CHARACTERIZATION: EM, Neutron diffraction, Porosity


/ SOCIETY: Commercialization, Standardization

Confirmed Speakers



Thomas Bein / LMU, Germany

Susan A. Bourne / University of Cape Town, South Africa

Ali Coskun / University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Tina Düren / University of Bath, United Kingdom

Mohamed Eddaoudi / KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Makoto Fujita / University of Tokyo, Japan

Susumu Kitagawa / Kyoto University, Japan


Bettina V. Lotsch / MPI for Solid State Research, Germany

Aurelio Mateo-Alonso / POLYMAT, Spain

Neil B. McKeown / University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Svetlana Mintova / University of Caen Normandy, France

Unni Olsbye / University of Oslo, Norway

Camille Petit / Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Jörg J. Schneider / TU Darmstadt, Germany


Sir Fraser Stoddart / Northwestern University, USA

Arne Thomas / TU Berlin, Germany

Magda Titirici / Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Krista S. Walton / Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Qiang Xu / AIST, Japan

Cafer T. Yavuz / KAIST, Korea

Xiaodong Zou / Stockholm University, Sweden