9th MIRAGE meeting

15 August 2018

Boston University, Boston, MA, USA


This 9th MIRAGE meeting will take place at

Boston University
Charles River Campus
10 Buick Street, 18th Floor
Boston, MA 02215

on Wednesday, the 15th from 9 am to 5 pm.

For the participation and the reimbursement of travel expenses both the registration for the MIRAGE meeting and the application for travel expenses are required.

Registration forms should be returned by 2 June, 2018.

Application forms for travel expenses should be returned by 2 June 2018.

Please refer to the information on First Information & Preliminary Agenda sent out previously for the prerequisites of the reimbursement of both the travel expenses and accommodation.


Accommodation can be booked via the Warren Workshop website. Please also refer to the message sent out by Cathy Costello on 6 May, 2018.



For the description on how to the meeting venues at Boston University, please refer to the page of the Warren Workshop 2018.

Preliminary Agenda


  • status of separation guideline publication, i.e LC Guidelines
  • status CE Guidelines
  • potential other needed/desired guidelines
  • journals and institutions that are recommending the MIRAGE guidelines
  • any papers already around that have reported results in compliance with guidelines?


Lessons learned

  • What did MIRAGE initiate?
  • What is MIRAGE still important for?
  • Are guidelines really minimum and are they commonly accepted?
  • What is still missing? Additional guidelines needed?
  • Are revisions required?


Definition of MIRAGE’s future function

  • What is the role of MIRAGE in the near future?
  • Maintenance of existing guidelines (modifications, adaptations,…)

MS Data format

  • gPOST
  • SimGlycan and GRTIS Toolsbox
  • Glyco-mzTab


Application of MIRAGE Guidelines, i.e. Sample Prep, MS, LC and glycan arrays

  • UniCarb-DR and UniCarb-DB
  • Deposition of reported data
  • Incorporation in CarbArrayART
  • Incorporation of the guidelines and data deposition systems into the publication workflow
  • glycan array repository of the GlyGen project


Templates for MS and Microarrays

  • Making guidelines useful by giving a example on how to follow/fill-in the guidelines



  • Fostering the acceptance and use of the MIRAGE guidelines
  • Role of Journals and funding agencies


Suggestions for modifications as well as additional topics for this agenda are very welcome.