Information and Communication

Innovation is based on creativity and research. The world wide web now offers unique possibilities for the rapid exchange of ideas and knowledge. Communication and dissemination of information in the area of chemistry and related disciplines are at the centre of the Beilstein-Institut’s support activities.

The Beilstein-Institut fulfils its mission through its own long-term projects and by supporting individuals and institutions committed to advancing science throughout the world. The Beilstein Open Access journals in organic chemistry and nanotechnology are a resource that is freely available to all scientists worldwide. International symposia are organized where scientists from different disciplines can meet to exchange their knowledge. In research and education innovative projects are supported by the Beilstein-Institut either directly or through professorships and stipends.

The Beilstein-Institut zur Förderung der Chemischen Wissenschaften (Beilstein Institute for the Advancement of Chemical Sciences) is a Foundation established under civil law and located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Beilstein-Institut was established as a non-profit organisation by the Max Planck Society in 1951. The Foundation employs scientists from various disciplines covering a wide subject range.

On this website you can find out more about the Beilstein-Institut and its activities.