Molecular Mechanisms in Tribology

Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium 2018

2 – 4 October 2018

avendi-Hotel am Griebnitzsee, Potsdam, Germany


Scientific Program:


Roland Bennewitz / Leibniz Institute for New Materials

Astrid de Wijn / Norwegian University of Science and Technology

This Symposium brings together tribologists from different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and materials science in order to further develop the molecular picture of tribological processes and to contribute to the development of materials and methods for friction reduction, wear protection, and lubrication.


The number of participants is limited including 20 invited speakers and poster presentations. The program is designed specifically to allow sufficient time for discussions and a stimulating exchange of thoughts and ideas.


The scientific program will start on Tuesday, 2 October at 9 am and ends on Thursday, 4 October at late afternoon with Monday and Friday as travelling days.

Confirmed Speakers


Philippa Cann / Imperial College London, UK

Robert W. Carpick / University of Pennslvania, USA

Juliette Cayer-Barrioz / Ecole Centrale Lyon, France

Sissi de Beer / University of Twente, The Netherlands

Daniele Dini / Imperial College London, UK

Nuria Espallargas / Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Rosa Espinosa-Marzal / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Nitya Nand Gosvami / Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Seong H. Kim / Pennsylvania State University, USA

Qunyang Li / Tsinghua University, China

Nicola Manini / University of Milan, Italy

Ernst Meyer / University of Basel, Switzerland

Michael Moseler / Fraunhofer Institute IWM, Freiburg, Germany


Roland R. Netz / Free University Berlin, Germany

Jeong Young Park / KAIST, Korea

M. Clelia Righi / Modena University, Italy

Nicholas D. Spencer / ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Urbakh / Tel Aviv University, Israel

Kathryn J. Wahl / US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, USA

Further Information