Beilstein Scholarship 2013

After successfully completing a rigorous selection procedure, eight young scientists were chosen to receive a Beilstein scholarship to support them during their PhD studies over the next three years. The nominees came to the Beilstein-Institut for the scholarship award ceremony on 17th December, where they signed the scholarship agreement. The support that they will receive is not limited to financial but also includes further aspects such as training and advice, and a forum for exchange of experiences and ideas.

The PhD projects, that were chosen to be funded, deal for example with inorganic and organic chemistry, chemical biology, as well as solid state and material physics. The scholarship holders will conduct their research nationwide at universities and academic institutions in Bayreuth, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg, Konstanz and Leipzig.

As part of the award ceremony program, the participants were given a deeper insight into the foundation's projects and activities. Afterwards, during lunch, they had the opportunity to talk to each other and to the Beilstein staff in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Early Christmas present - eight young scientists received a scholarship.